Mission Statement

1776 United FC - Delaware County - Regional Elite Soccer Academy
Designed by a collection of experienced youth, college, and professional coaches joined together by the pursuit of excellence, 1776 United FC has been founded upon this mission: to improve the playing experience for all players—advanced, intermediate, and recreational. Through our affiliaition program we aim to unite local clubs in Delaware County, PA to further this cause. 
Beginning at the U-13 age group, 1776 United provides a pathway for elite players to train and compete at the highest level. Through our U-8-U-12 youth academy programs, 1776 United FC offers supplemental, professional training and additional competition without interfering with the traditional travel league schedule.
By offering supplemental, professional training for players at our local clubs and a professional environment for elite players in the area, we will change the youth soccer landscape for the better. In 1776, over 237 years ago, twenty miles down the road, representatives from a divided group of colonies recognized the value of joining together in the pursuit of a common good. The rest—as they say—is history.