1776 United FC High School Summer League

Summer 2019 Schedule (6/10/2019)

Monday June 17    
URBAN1 5:30 PM SHHS 3 Bonner
URBAN1 6:30 PM SHHS 1 Shipley 1
URBAN2 6:30 PM Ridley Friends Central
URBAN1 7:30 PM SHHS 2 Shipley 2
URBAN2 7:30 PM Haverford Boys Haverford HS
Monday, June 24    
CP15:30 PM SHHS2 Ridley
CP1 6:30 PM Bonner Haverford Boys
CP2 6:30 PM Shipley 2 SHHS3
CP1 7:30 PM Shipley 1 Haverford High
CP2 7:30 PM Friends Central  SHHS 1
Monday, July 1    
CP1 5:30 PM Haverford HS Friends Central
CP2 5:30 PM Haverford  Boys Shipley 1
CP1 630PM SHHS2 Friends Central
CP1 6:30 PM SHHS 1 Haverford Boys
CP2 7:25PM Ridley SHHS 3
CP1 7:25 PM Bonner Shipley 2
Monday, July 8    
CP1 5:30 PM SHHS 1 SHHS 3
CP2 6:30 PM Haverford HS SHHS 2
CP1 6:30 PM Shipley 1 Friends Central
CP1 7:25 PM Bonner Ridley
Monday, July 15    
CP1 5:30 PM SHHS1 Bonner
CP2 6:30 PM Haverford Boys Friends Central
CP1 6:30 PM Haverford HS SHHS 3
CP2 7:25PM Ridley Shipley 2
CP1 7:25 PM Shipley 1 SHHS 2
Monday, July 22    
CP2 6:30 PM SHHS 2 Friends Central
CP1 6:30 PM SHHS 1/3 1776 U19
CP2 7:25PM Bonner Haverford HS
CP1 7:25 PM Ridley Haverford Boys
Monday, July 29    
CP1 5:30 PM SHHS 1 Ridley
CP2 6:30 PM Friends Central SHHS 3
CP1 6:30 PM Shipley 1 Bonner
CP2 7:25PM Haverford HS Shipley 2
CP1 7:25 PM Haverford Boys SHHS 2
Monday Aug 5    
530-8pm RoundRobin all teams will play starting at 530-830pm 
  All teams will play 2-3 shortened games 


Field Key  
Urban Field 701 Harvey Rd., Walingford
Urban 1 Field closest to street, on left when facing fields from parking lot
Urban 2 Field immediately next to #1 and to right when facing from parking lot
Chester Park 208 Ridley Dr., Wallingford, PA
CP1 field next to large grass parking lot
CP2 field on other side of ballstopper
PARKING No parking at all by anyone (parent, coach, player) along Ridley Drive. All parking must be in the large grass parking lot. Anyone parking along street or on grass along street (ie not in the large parking lot) will be ticketed






This league is for all players who are currently in or entering high school and part of an existing high school team

The Summer League offers high school programs an opportunity to prepare for their upcoming season with competitive games played at a first class facility. The creation and availability of divisions within leagues is dependent on the number of teams registered.  It is our goal to put together divisions that provide the best competition for all teams involved. 

We are improving the quality of the league to provide the best experience possible. Teams will play games in a 9v9 format (including GK), on a 65x50 premium grass fields in Wallingford.

  • Registration is open 5/1/2019 through June 10, 2019 

  • Divisions will be 8 teams to ensure premium playing conditions and convenient game times

  • 8-game season all on former Philadelphia Union Training Grounds, incliuding round robin championships on the last week 

  • All teams must be accompanied by an adult that is not a student at the school (ie parent, coach, trainer, etc) . High school coaches welcome but not required; parent volunteer is sufficient

  • Referees provided by the league and are included in registration fee

  • Games will be Mondays between 5:30 and 8:30p

  • Game length is 60 minutes - Two 28 minute halves (+4" halftime) 

  • The league will end first week of August with playoffs observed by local and regional college coaches

  • $550 per Team ($50 off for adding multiple teams)

  • Dates: June 24th– August 5th

  • JV & Varsity Divisions for mens teams

To register email director1776unitedfc@yahoo.com and payment info will be sent (check, venmo). Payment must be recieved by 6/1 or your team will not be included in the league.  

For more information, email director1776unitedfc@yahoo.com